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Joining the Scottish Rite!
While there is no Masonic degree more important than that of Master Mason, there is a long tradition - almost as old as Freemasonry - of "high degrees" that expand upon and elaborate the teachings and lessons of the first three degrees. The Scottish Rite degrees teach a series of moral lessons culminating in the 32°, Master of the Royal Secret. The Scottish Rite continues a Master Mason's education in many ways: Become a Scottish Rite Mason of the Valley of Kansas City.
If you are a Master Mason.
In order to join the Scottish Rite you must: Be a Master Mason in good standing in a regular Lodge; Complete a petition to the Scottish Rite (found at the bottom of this page) and include the appropriate fee; and Attend a "Reunion" where the Scottish Rite Degrees are conferred. Contact our Membership Chairman for more information [Email]

If you are a Scottish Rite Mason in good standing from another valley or orient:
To affiliate with the Valley of Kansas city, you will need to complete an application for affiliation which you will find at the bottom of this page.

If you are a Scottish Rite Mason no longer in good standing in this jurisdiction:
You will need to complete an application for reinstatement found at the bottom of this page.

If you are a NOT a Master Mason
Before you can join the Scottish Rite, you first must become a Master Mason in a Lodge under a Grand Lodge that belongs to the Conference of Grand Masters in North America (COGMINA) or to a Grand Lodge recognized by a COGMINA Grand Lodge. For further information, contact the Scottish Rite Membership Chairman [Email].

More information on Freemasonry can be found at the Missouri Grand Lodge Website.
Fully functional commercial kitchen
Historical Study
College of Consistory/full library and museum
- One of the finest theaters in K. C.
- Full degree casts/Scottish Rite Players crew
Theater Arts
Full sound, lights, props, makeup, wardrobe, stage and directing crews
Childhood Language Disorders Clinic Board
Information Services/Tech Committee
Temple Management Services
Housed in a 75 year-old architectural wonder!
Four advancing lines of 10 officers each
Financial Committee/Club Treasurer Positions
Public Outreach
Membership/Speaker's Bureau Committees
The Scottish Rite Herald Quarterly
Relief to Brothers
Samaritans, Memorial Services Committees
Esoteric Study
College of the Consistory (see separate page)
Local Networking
Regional/Local Scottish Rite Clubs
Building Rental
Temple Rental/Hosting/Supervision Services
Mottos of the Scottish Rite
Spes Mea in Deo Est
My Hope is in God
Deus Meumque Jus
God and My Right
Laborare Est Orare
To Work is to Worship
Ordo ab Chao
Order out of Chaos
Fiat Lux et Lux Fit
Let there be Light and there is Light
In Hoc Signo Vinces
By this Sign thou shalt Conquer
Lux et Tenebris
Light out of Darkness
Salve Frater
Welcome Brother
As you can see, the Kansas City Scottish Rite has something for everyone. Plus, every crew, committee, and activity comes with the companionship and teamwork of the Brethren you work with. To that end, the vast area of the Scottish Rite Valley of Kansas City seems to draw together providing kinship and community reflecting a tight brotherhood dating back over 100 years.

We appreciate your interest in the Scottish Rite. If you have any questions on Freemasonry or the Scottish Rite, please feel free to contact the Membership Committee by email or call the Valley Office. The web sites offering information on Scottish Rite Freemasonry are too numerous to mention, but be aware few are accurate. Our ideals have long been misunderstood or misinterpreted, so we encourage you to visit with a Brother Mason with any questions you may have. If you are ready to become a Freemason or take the next step into the Scottish Rite, just ask!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Kansas City Valley Membership Committee
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To contact the Membership Chairman: [Email]